Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Countdown to Christmas Activities. Day 3. A Snowman in a Jar.

This was a fun activity! We had a busy day today, so we only got to do this after dinner, before bed time. It is an easy one, too.

You will need:
- a jar,
- a pack of course (sea) salt,
- glitter,
- 2 or 3 cotton balls,
- school glue,
- 2 googly eyes,
- a small branch of a plastic (or a real) Christmas tree.

We also used a pom pom, a pipe cleaner and a cutout hat from an egg carton to dress up our snowman.

Santino started by picking the jar and pouring salt in it. I told him to pour only a little bit, but he thought half a jar was a good amount. He then proceeded sprinkling "the snow" with glitter, to make it shiny.

Then we glued googly eyes on a cotton ball, glued a hat on its had, pompom for a nose and used an orange pipe cleaner as a scarf. We glued the bigger cotton ball to the head. Then Santino put the snowman inside the jar. He also put the "tree".

My take on activities like this one is just letting my kid try to make something fun and different. I let him take charge, decide what to use and in what order. I want him to be happy that he made something, and be proud of his efforts. And he was!!!

I took the idea from here.