Sunday, December 1, 2013

Artzooka's Recycling Challenge: Pencil Case, Glue Caps, Sprayer

Santino was watching TV this morning, and we stumbled upon Artzooka program (CBC). I remember seeing it once or twice, but it didn't stick with us, as Santino was probably too young. Today, though, he was really interested, and when the program was finished, he immediately wanted to make a fire truck (as it was shown on the TV, made out of a pencil case, a pen cap and a bottle sprayer).

I found these items, but our art challenge ended up being.. a dinosaur, of course!

I started with the body and the head, and Santino finished it up with the legs, feet and the tail. I was impressed how he himself decided to make dinosaur feet with the caps (glitter glue caps).

Here it is!