Monday, April 8, 2013

Toddler Math and Sorting - Picnic at Home

I was inspired to create this short exercise after watching one of the Curious George episodes. We also have started reading one of the BOB books, the "pre-reading skills" one. There was a story about a picnic too! Santino seemed very interested and kept saying "picnic", so I suggested "let's have a picnic!"

I didn't pack a real lunch, rather came up with an activity. Here is a list of what I used:
1. Construction paper
2. Scissors
3. Glue
4. Marker/pencil (for sketching)
5. Stapler

That's about it.

I cut a "basket" out of 2 brown construction sheets, and stapled the bottom along the edges to create something that would be able to hold our picnic items. Then sketched and cut out some food and non-food items to pack in the basket: the strawberries, the bananas, a sandwich, a bed, a hammer, a spider, etc.

When everything was ready, I told Santino that we are going on a picnic, and here is our basket and we would need to pack a lunch. So he started grabbing everything and putting in the basket. Here I stopped him and explained that we only need to pack food, something to eat.

He started again. He packed only food, except for the sandwich. I told him that sandwich is also food, so he packed it too!

Then we moved to the couch, and started unpacking. He playfully pretended he was eating, and offered me some strawberries and bananas :)

We counted our food items, and this is where I came up with the second part of the activity. I wrote down numbers 1 to 5 (except 4, as I accidentally didn't make anything in this quantity). To help him out, I sketched the shapes of what should go under the numbers. This was a tough one, so we only counted one or two items and didn't arrange them all on the sheet. I guess we can try again soon!

(P.S. I labeled this post "29 months" as we did this back in February, but I'm only posting it now)