Saturday, April 6, 2013

April activities - Shaving Cream

Back to the sensory activities and my reports! This was a short one, but still fun. We took papa's shaving cream, some cars, dinosaurs and food coloring, and played for a little.

Here is a little report on a little activity inspired by the Kids Activities Calendar. I have been following the Kids Activities Blog for a while now, but this month I decided to share it with our Goober Gang moms in this "bucket list" post. And after sharing I thought I might as well start following the suggested activities.

Its not that we never played with the shaving cream, but back in December-January, when I started exposing Santino to the sensory boxes and substances, he didn't really like the shaving cream. He didn't love it this time either, but was much better with it, and played for a few minutes.

He squished it and rubbed it and smelled it. But then just wanted to wash his hands.

Since I didn't wash the tray right away, after washing his hands Santino came back to it. He brought a dinosaur and a few cars. This seemed to be more up his alley.

I played with him too. We pretended the foam was snow, then we pretended we were building with it, then destroying what we just built.

Then we washed all the toys under a stream of water. This was his favorite part.

And we've done a few other activities from the April Activities calendar. We read a book about weather: I took the opportunity to go over the seasons again, both in English and in Russian. We also played with playdough and collected twigs. Although we didn't build anything, only waved them around.