Sunday, December 1, 2013

"Countdown to Christmas" Activities.

As I've been told multiple times by multiple people, it is normal for the little boys not to be interested in art, creative activities, painting, gluing. I still encourage Santino to do something creative every day. Even if it is just a few strokes on the blackboard. Something!

Making wreaths or any other kind of Christmas crafts is a challenge here. Well, not the "making" per se, but the interest in such activity. Santino only wants to play with dinosaurs (anything related to dinosaurs) and silly wreaths had nothing to do with them. Now they do!

Remembering Montessori ideas, I followed my child's interest. So you like dinosaurs? Let's make a Dinosaur Christmas Wreath! Sounds silly, but content is not the point here. It's the process of sitting down and creating something, concentrating on selecting items to use, arranging them in space and deciding when it is finished.

I cut out a cardboard circle, arranged dinosaur stickers on the table, so that Santino could decide which ones to use and where to put them. Then we smeared glitter glue over the dinosaurs for extra shine, and stuck a couple of pom poms.

This activity didn't take long, all 20-30 minutes or so. But Santino loved the result, and wanted to pose for a photo.

Yay! Christmas is coming!