Thursday, November 28, 2013

Winter Sensory Box: Making Snowman out of Snow at Home

Mornings are the best for going outside and playing, but I'm not always ready to do that. Me, personally. I have to make breakfast, clean after breakfast, clean up other messes, take care of a bunch of other little things that accumulate and present themselves every morning.

So, now that I 've explained myself (looking for forgiveness and no judgement for not taking my son outside to breathe some fresh air in the morning), I came up with this idea. I bring the snow inside. Well, no ... I didn't come up with this idea all by myself, last winter I saw it on one of the blogs. This really did strike me as a great idea.

Bringing snow inside is a great alternative to the real outdoors! My kid stays in a warm house and still gets to play with the cold snow, observe different states, how it melts and turns into water, how it doesn't stick together when it is too cold, and how it turns almost into ice once warms up a little and patted tightly together. He found that super cold snow isn't good for making snowballs, and once it warms up a little and starts melting, one can make perfect balls, roll them and build with them.

We tried making a snowman, but Santino decided to change up the game and wanted to make a cake instead. I gave him a couple of plastic knives, that are sharp enough to cut the snow, but not too sharp to hurt him. He found a couple of cake serving spoons in one of the kitchen drawers, gave me one and used the other one to "pat the cake".

We tried decorating it with pasta and beans, but the snow melted and became too stiff. And even though we didn't end up with a great decorated cake or snowman, we had a fun time and will definitely do it again!