Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Countdown to Christmas Activities. Day 4. Cottonpad Snowman.

Directing Santino's attention is quite a challenge these days. He is into physical activities, like soccer, golf and simple run and crash onto couch or pillows. Nevertheless, I try to get him to sit down for a few minutes and read a book together, play with letters and draw or paint. Or do some Christmas crafts.

This snowman art project took us a couple of sitdowns, as he couldn't sit longer than a minute. I helped him arrange the pads on the construction paper and we glued them in place. Then we glued the googly eyes. Santino dipped them in glue, and I helped him put them on the snowman's "face".

I don't have buttons, so we just used pompoms for the front decoration. Santino placed them wherever he wanted.

And this morning we finished it up with markers. I drew a bucket, but the arms, mouth and nose were all drawn by Santino. Yay! I could see that he really tries to make the lines straight, as he was drawing them in little strokes, but then lost the focus.


To make snow we just spread some glue at the bottom of the picture and sprinkled it with glitter for extra shine!

And here it is. The festive snowman art project. More fun stuff to come! Stay tuned!