Friday, December 13, 2013

Countdown to Christmas Activities. Day 13. Christmas Sensory Bin.

This is a simple entertainment for a little guy. Santino is a big fan of sensory bins, and if it is difficult to have him sit down to do art sometimes, it is always easy to occupy his attention with various sensory activities.


This sensory bin, as any other bin I make for him, is an extremely easy and simple one. I got some cedar leaves, cut up shiny tinsel garland in smaller sections, added bells and foam snowflakes, some beads and beans (just a few). I also decided to use up some old green (spinach) noodles we've had in the pantry for a few years now and never ate them. (Oh, stuff, that I keep in my pantry!) They were long and bent (like those Vietnamese noodles usually are), hard to break into smaller pieces, but I did it! Then, I added ribbons and some green ripped up construction paper pieces from another activity.

To give this activity a little edge, make it slightly different from the other ones, I arranged adhesive tape on the sides of the bin, to stick the sensory items on them and make collages.

That was a great way to have Santino concentrating on an activity, which would represent Christmas spirit, and also would let me make dinner.