Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Countdown Activities. Day 12. Stamping.

I am a couple of days behind posting our activities. These are actually rather short and easy ones.

I wanted to make a Christmasy art with our palm prints. I painted my hand red and made a print. When I suggested Santino do the same, he refused! Sometimes he just doesn't act rational. Well, from my point of view. He refused to make a palm print, but readily painted his foot again and made a print next to mine.

Now that I had 2 un-matching prints, I wasn't sure what kind of art we could make. So I just drew a festive couple from my country's tradition. Our Santa, or as we call him Grandfather Frost, is usually accompanied by his granddaughter Snowgirl. I thought that these prints could be turned into them. Unfortunately, Santino's print was brown, but I had to disregard this fact. Usually Snowgirl (Snegurochka) is dressed in white or blue and white coat with white fur.

Anyways, I had to improvise and quickly made a little picture. Santino decorated Snowgirl's crown a little.

He got more involved in the other art project. I sketched a Christmas tree and gave him an opportunity to decorate it. I showed how to dip a round tip of a marker into paint and then stamp the tree, so they would look like balls.

Then I glued some foam snowflakes onto little cardboard cups and they also turned into stamps.Santino stamped away, really enjoying the process!

I think this Christmas tree looks lovely!