Monday, March 4, 2013

We are back from vacation.

Florida was fantastic! It was really warm, really relaxing and really welcoming. We spent lots of time outside, swimming, talking to birds, looking at the flowers, walking on the grass. I really wish for the warmth to extend back to Newmarket.

We have been back for two weeks now, but I still haven't found time to post everything I was planning to. It just so happened that since our return I have found myself busy-busy-busy every night (I usually write my posts at night after Santino goes to bed.)

I have started a couple of new projects that take a lot of my writing time. I am helping my friend, a best selling author Ella Martino with translation of her Russian language blog into English. She has published 3 books so far with authentic Italian recipes, and is now ready to explore the English language market.

I am also a contributor to LWAB blog now. I will be writing there on a regular basis, so please visit this blog and leave a comment! Check out my first post about Ontario Early Years Center in Newmarket.

I have a few posts in mind about Santino's activities. He is currently interested mostly in playing with water, reading books (me reading to him), playing with trucks, running, jumping, and other gross motor skills activities. He is showing more and more of an interest to all reptiles, I hope I wouldn't have to adopt a Komodo dragon or a gator one day as a pet. He has been paying more attention to our cat Coocoo. He even tried picking her up recently. Bothered her too much and got scratched.

In general, we've been taking it slow, sitting at home a lot, hiding from snow and the cold. We do get out, but not for long. Once I had to bring the snow inside to play, it was just too cold and windy. I'll make a fun little post about that in a day or two.

I have rearranged Santino's play room. Again. I have put out art supplies in the bins where his dinosaurs and trucks used to be. I feel more confident leaving them out in his reach now, as he doesn't do crazy "throw-everything-on-the-floor" stuff anymore.

He again started crawling into my bed in the middle of night, even though before our vacation he was sleeping in his bed all night. Our potty training achievements also went down the drain. We have started doing the training all over again. I am very frustrated and tired.

So. I am back. Will be posting less often than before, but I am still planning on keeping up my blog active. I love reading it back. So many great experiences!