Sunday, December 15, 2013

Countdown to Christmas Activities. Day 15. Danino Santa

This activity is a double shot: a dinosaur activity and a Christmas one! Santino will do anything if it involves dinosaurs.

I save the Danone bottles after Santino drinks the yogurt. They are small and cute and shaped like dinosaurs. First I was saving them for a mini bowling game, but thought they would make a great addition to our Christmas Countdown Activities. I had an idea to make Santa Clauses out of them.

I cut out one section out of cotton pads, rolled short strips of red construction paper (for the hats), set glue on a flat plate, sea salt in a small bowl, prepared googly eyes.

I showed Santino how to glue a cotton pad in a place of a beard. He did it really well! Then I showed him how to dip the red construction paper cones in the glue and then in the sea salt. (Just like a Margarita, yes!) Santino glued the cone on the dinosaur's head, and we had a Santa!

He genuinely tried gluing the googly eyes, but paper glue didn't hold them too well. So I fixed them up with some hot glue.

Then Santino sprinkled our Santas with some glitter and we glued white cotton pieces on the tops of the hats. I prepared mini pompoms, but there was no real space for them after all our work.

\And Dino Santas are ready! Happy Rooarring Chrismas!