Saturday, March 8, 2014

Toilet Tissue Roll Craft for Kids: Storybots

We love watching Youtube channel Kids TV 123, Santino has been watching it since before he even turned 2 years old. We've watched other countless channels, too. Recently, though, we have discovered another channel, the Storybots, and loved it a lot!

As we were watching these fun videos after breakfast this morning, Santino sadly stated, that he doesn't have a robot. Hey, recycling craft to the rescue! We crafted these fun storybots-looking characters.

I immediately imagined, that these storybots look kinda sorta like the toilet paper rolls. For the rounded head tops,  I used a cap from the small spices bottle and 2 halves of Santino's plastic apple shape from his play-do collection.

Here is the complete list:
- toilet tissue rolls;
- plastic spice bottle caps (or other rounded shapes);
- pipe cleaners;
- googly eyes;
- jingle bells, pompoms, beads.

 Then I gave Santino some paint, a brush and suggested that he paints the bots however he likes. And he did so, quite nicely I must admit.


Now, this is a party!