Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thank you Anna!

I was going to hold this report of our finger print art until tomorrow, but it so happened that I felt motivated to publish it asap by a nice something-something! Santino's personal "secret" Santa... or I would rather say Ded Moroz,... or even Snegurochka had yet again surprised us with a thoughtful present: truck stickers, dinosaur stickers, finger puppets! And chocolate, yay!

My friend Anna from Edmonton, who once lived in Toronto for a few years, where I first met her, has never actually seen Santino in person, she only sees  his photos on my Facebook. Nevertheless, she somehow never forgets to send him something for every birthday, and now for Christmas!

A while ago Anna sent us a finger printing set for Santino's 2nd birthday, but I kept it closed, as Santino was not able to concentrate long enough to explore this fun activity. Today I finally opened it and we had some great fun. The set contained little stamps, ink sponges, and color pencils.

Santino loved stamps, but enjoyed finger printing better, and then he loved the little pencils.

I tried showing him how to make a caterpillar with the finger prints, and he actually did try to make something, only his finger prints ended up all over the place, even on his mouth :)

We are going to practice more, and once Santino is able to put a row of finger prints together, Anna is going to get a "thank you" picture from us!

Thank you Anna, yet again! You are a great friend, and we love you! Sorry I haven't been in touch much. I promise I will change, and I and will become more thoughtful, just like you!

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year from Santino!