Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mommy's moment

I think i want to add more of my own thoughts to this blog. They are mostly short, little brainstormings/ideas, things I come up with, while washing dishes.

Santino makes the best photos of me

My way of dealing with my extreme EXTREME irritation with my son. 

So our life with Pipidinko isn't always fun and games, not always perfect, and I am not an angel, so I do get irate. This usually happens after a 12-13 hour-long 'shift' with Santino, as he doesn't nap. In the end of the day all I wish for is some quiet time, and that means sleeping time for him.

He has never been the easiest child to put to bed, but we've dealt with this issue and came to a compromise. I don't force naps, but the bed time has to happen at 7:30, otherwise I don't get to do my work or go to the gym. Or clean. Or chill and relax.

After the daylight time change, Santino won't fall asleep easily; 9 pm has become the earliest now. Today I got really irate after he came out of his room for the 100th time with another complaint like "there is a ghost in my room", "I don't like my bed", "turn on the light", "turn off the light". I was on the verge of screaming. Now, there's something you should know about me, I am very mellow. I don't scream, I don't argue or talk a lot. When I want to scream, this means I am very annoyed.

So, to deal with this issue (this is my issue, so I shouldn't be putting it on my 3 year old son), instead of screaming really loud, like I wanted to, I whispered instead. The louder I wanted to scream, the softer I forced myself to whisper.

This worked! instead of putting my child in tears, I made him relax and he finally stopped fidgeting in his bed.

This one is hard, because it took all my will not to let the irritation out loud. I was so happy I didn't! He is finally sleeping, and I have relaxed enough and ready to do some work. Yes, it is 11 pm, but its the only time mommy gets to do anything for herself :)