Sunday, February 23, 2014

20 Dinosaur Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

We have been playing with dinosaurs for many months now. Has it been a few years? Hmm... Yes, I think it has!

I collected quite a variety of dinosaur activities, and I think now I am ready to combine them all in one post. Here they are:

1. Drawing dinosaurs with water.

2. Making dinosaur foot steps in homemade play dough.

3. Messy play with coffee grinds. And another one.

4. Dinosaur foot printing with finger paint. And another one.

5. Making a basket of dinosaur eggs.
6. Eating Dinosaur sandwiches.

7. Playing Dino-Ball

8. Dinosaur Christmas wreath.

9. Making Dinosaur out of recycled materials.
10. Dinosaur holiday installation.

11.  Dinosaur mini golf at home.

 12. Danino Santas.

13. Digging ice for Dinosaurs.

14. Dinosaur mini theater.

15. Dinosaur shadow theater.

16. Creating Dinosaurs with stamping and magnetic letters.

And here are a few more dino-rriffic activities from the playdate, that we attended a few weeks ago.

17. Completing dinosaur art with various means: markers, pencils and pasta.

18. Making dinosaur masks.
19. Connecting similar dinosaurs on a work sheet.

20. Sensory box: digging through the pompoms for dinosaurs.

Meanwhile, I am adding more activities to my blog. I just basically describe what we've been doing. Check this one out: A Snow Dinosaur!

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