Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Theatre 2.0. Cardboard Mini Theater upgraded to an optional "Shadow" setting.

So, yesterday we played with our cardboard theater. This morning we continued and had lots of fun. Later on, tonight, we turned our theater into a shadow one.

I made two thin slots on two sides of our box, put a light inside, covered the top with a white paper sheet. The upgrade is done!

I cut out a couple of dinosaur shapes out of black construction paper and taped them to the plastic straws. I also used a few cute shapes of a bird, Santa and a snowman I took off a Christmas card we received earlier.

The slots don't look very nice, they are rather rugged, but they work! Santino didn't really care how they look, but he complained a couple of times that the shapes don't fit there. They do, actually. I just help him to slide them in. Maybe I need to widen the slots a little bit.


Like I said, we simply covered the top with a sheet of white paper, but I also experimented with a plastic container. It worked great, but Santino preferred paper.


What a super-simple and a super-fun dinosaur activity! Santino can't really cut out dinosaur shapes yet, but he really tried. He just needs more practice.