Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Montessori Summer Art Activities: Foot Printing

About a month ago I joined a Facebook group called "Montessori Summer Art and Music activities for the 2-6 year olds". The group was organized by Lisa Nolan, who offers easy activities and engages moms in the conversations about the challenges they face and the progress their little ones show. I "met" Lisa on Google+, such a wonderful place to find like-minders!

Santino and I have done a few activities, but so far it's been more of a process exploring the art, rather than creative process. We haven't created anything, but we did try and had fun!

Santino doesn't let me explain, and even when he does, it doesn't guarantee that he will follow the directions. This was a foot painting activity, but he expanded it to the finger and car/motorcycle painting. 


I set up 2 trays with commercial finger paint I had bought back in winter. It dried out a little bit, but I diluted it with water, and it turned out perfect consistency.

I arranged large poster size sheets of construction paper on the floor and told Santino to sit on his little chair, to make sure that he doesn't run around with paint on his feet. But he still ran around, and rolled and sat in that paint. Oh, well. It's all good.

After stomping the paint with his feet, he preferred doing this with his toys. The result was nothing spectacular, but we did end up with a few very colorful pieces!