Friday, January 4, 2013

Flour and water is fun for a toddler!

I took out some flour, added water and a little bit of food coloring, and had my 2 year old son playing with this for three quarters of an hour!

This great idea was featured on this blog (click). What an ingeniously simple sensory activity it was. I loved how it had Santino concentrating, painting, repeating new words (flour, dough, hills, make path, etc.)

We started as it was suggested with some flour, water and food coloring.

We made red and blue swirls in a tray and painted with our fingers a little.

Then my son switched to pouring water over the colored swirls (he can get to the drinking water in our cooler, as it is on his level, but can't reach the sink)

and after it got diluted and I saw that all he wanted to do was to play with water, I dumped the original dough and started over. This time I just made a few hills with flour and gave him a plastic bowl of water to pour over the dry flour.

Then we brought some construction machines and workers, and played with those for a while.



He was trying to make Roley swim. Kept saying "Roley, swim!"


Even if it didn't become a painting activity, as I originally imagined it would, I was happy to let Santino use his imagination and choose what he wanted to do. He was pretty good staying on the towel and didn't make much mess. I will definitely arrange for a similar play in the future!