Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The View From My World. II

More photo experiments by Santino (2 year old.)

/The first one here/

So again he walked around today with my camera, snapping lots of pictures, which mostly came out blurry, like these. Though he did got a few nice shots.


Why I love these photos, because it just shows me how little he is, and how big the world around him is. I often... well, always get on his level, but never actually look around to look around from his point of view. I mostly look at him and talk and reach for things he can't get. I don't notice, that to reach I just get up, while he would have to climb on a chair or a table (no no! danger!). He wants to get on the next level, and can't just wait to grow up, I guess. This made my eyes watery just now. I wouldn't want him to rush his growing up. I would like him to enjoy every moment of his childhood, savor the moment.

Then he looked down. His attention got caught by his potty for a while. After careful consideration I decided to post one of these pics. It is such a big part of his daily life!


Then he moved on to a door, the stairs, walls. Nothing fun, just something like this.

And then he took photos of me! Hello, Santino! Is this what you see every day? No make up, messy hair, tired circles under the eyes. And a big big smile, because you always make mommy so happy.