Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Cardboard parking lot!

Here is a fun use of cardboard box I've been saving for a while now. I loved making this fun toy parking lot for my little Pipidinko. Hope he will enjoy it tomorrow first thing when he wakes up.

Here is where I found this idea. Doesn't it look amazing? I needed to improvise as I didn't have some items, and my solutions might look very-very homemade and DIY, but I am still proud of this fun project.

I found old packaging from a Tonka dump truck. I thought it fit the gig perfectly. It even has a cool view.

I made a mockup, a quicker version of this garage earlier today and let Santino play. He loved it! He did destroy it later, separating all the installations into pieces, but that's OK. I was planning on doing it anyways.



He pretty quickly got the idea of driving up and down on different sides of the ramp.


To make a booth with a lifting gate I used a colored wooden stick, and I attached it to the booth with a large paper clip. I have to come up with a better idea, but this one works great too. I like the fact that once you lift it, it stays in place.

Did you notice a giraffe? LOL Here it is closer.

I added a few cars and some other props, and the parking lot was ready for play!


PS: an update from this morning. Santino loved his parking lot! He pushed the cars down the slide, played with the gate, and then played on the ground level of the lot.

He had this Alice in Wonderland moment, too. So cute!