Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santino's Christmas concert

I took Santino to the mall to meet Santa. Santino wasn't interested, he didn't want to wait in line, didn't even want to say "hi" to him.

Then we went to a Holiday brunch at a golf course. There was Santa, but Santino wasn't interested to even come close to him. I understood, that there will be no photos with Santa this year. Not sitting on his lap, no holding his hand, not even standing close to him.

Christmas concert at his school (Armitage Village Nursery School) took place a few days ago. Again, Santino didn't want to do anything with Santa, who visited after the performance. Every kid was glad to take a picture with Santa, get a little present from him. Not for Santino. No. He was more into running back and forth, chasing other boys, and hanging out with girls.

He is the youngest in his group, or class, whatever it is called. The teachers weren't sure at first he would be in the Christmas concert at all. Then he proved he was able to sit through the whole performance, jingle the bells, and even say "Merry Christmas".

At first he was fine. All kids sat down on the little tiny chairs on a little stage, and he looked pretty confident, but as soon as the song started, Santino burst into tears and got off the stage. When the concert was finished, he was back to his usual self, running back and forth, bumping heads with other boys, and flirting with girls.

I am sure, even though he didn't enjoy the whole experience of performing in a concert, he still had fun. And now we also have some photo memories. I like these simple, rugged photos, I don't need them to be magazine cover ready, rather fun and different.

Oh, and a little summary of Santino's performance at school. It took him a few weeks to get used to it, but he actually started enjoying school. It was hard for him to let go of me, his mom. He was doing great, showing interest in art, improving his vocabulary ("please" is his regular word now!) and social skills (he actually started sharing!  yay!), and finally sat through the circle time!

We have a collection of his art, that teachers would give me every time I came to pick him up. We even used his new skills to make Christmas gifts for the family! I will show them later.

So, here are a few photos, and a video of Santino's solo :)